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WW10002 WW1 Collectors Series 1/72 German A7V Tank

Wings of the Great War

WW10002 WW1 Collectors Series 1/72 German A7V Tank


The German-built A7V tank was built in response to the inaugural British tanks appearing on the Western Front in 1916. Designs for the A7V began that year though it did not see combat until March of 1918. It was the only German tank to see operational service during the Great War – only twenty units were produced – and it was equipped with six 7.92mm MG08 machine guns and a 57mm Maxim-Nordenfelt front-mounted cannon. Ultimately, the A7V was not considered a success as it was sluggish and suffered from frequent mechanical failures. Improved variants in the pre-production stage never had an opportunity to see battle.

This 1:72 scale, molded resin replica A7V includes numerous high quality features such as textured surfaces, accurately reproduced weaponry including all six machine guns and front cannon, realistic tracking, authentic 1918 German Army markings and camouflage paint scheme, and a removable display base. Measures approximately 4" long.

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