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TES-9315 Testors Aztek Airbrush Cleaning Station


TES-9315 Testors Aztek Airbrush Cleaning Station


The most convenient and environmentally safe product for airbrush cleaning ever devised. An airbrush is inserted in the adjustable neck. Cleaner is blown through the airbrush and trapped in the jar.  The Aztek Universal Cleaning Station allows for use with any airbrush.

When your filter becomes totally discolored it is time for a new filter. To replace filters, unscrew feed pipe. Next, unscrew outer ring and remove old filter. Drain jar if necessary. (Dispose of waste liquids responsibly. Check and follow local regulations for responsible disposal of waste liquids.) Place new filter on the jar and re-stall feed pipe. Lastly, screw down outer ring. Your Airbrush Cleaning Station is now ready for use.

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