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S-56 Scalecoat II Wash Away Paint Remover

Minuteman Scale Models

S-56 Scalecoat II Wash Away Paint Remover


Scalecoat II Wash Away Paint Stripper/Remover for Plastics 16 oz.   RECOMMENDED for PLASTIC WASH AWAY PAINT REMOVER is reusable! This paint remover will not craze or warp plastic providing these instructions are followed. 1. At room temperature immerse item to be stripped in Wash Away for 10 minutes. 2. Remove and scrub vigorously under warm tap water with fine bristle hand or tooth brush. 3. Rinse thoroughly. 4. Repeat process if paint remains in tiny crevices. 5. Allow to air dry 24 hours before painting.  To remove just the lettering, brush on Wash Away & immediately wash off before remover starts acting on the paint.  Close container after each use.

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