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MER-65307 Merit 1/350 HMS Ark Royal 1939


MER-65307 Merit 1/350 HMS Ark Royal 1939



Ark Royal was designed and developed in the beginning age of naval air power. She had an unique double hanger decks design which facilitated larger capacity of airplanes on board, but at same time, made her more vulnerable because of a taller hull structure. Ark Royal Her short lived service career was not short with action. Her Swordfish was credit with the cripple of German Battle Ship Bismarck. Ark Royal had the reputation of being the “Lucky Ship”. Her luck finally ran out  on November 14th, 1941 and sunk off Gibraltar after being torpedoed by U-81 on the day before. This is the first English Aircraft Carrier being produced in 1/350 scale. Special design hull halves to allow easy replication of the hull side storage compartments.

Product Specifications

- Precise 1/350 Scale Model Kit

- One Piece Molded Carrier deck

- Detailed Hull Side Storage Compartments

- Length: 696.4mm

- Full Color Painting Guide

- 31 Injection Molded Sprues

- Fairey Swordfish w/ Photo Etch Struts x 5

- Blackburn Skua x 4

- Carefully Researched by a Panel of Modelers

- Model in 1939 fit.

- Full AA Guns Placements

- Beam: 82.4mm

- Photo-etched Detail Sheet x 4

- Over 550 Parts

- Fulmar Mk.1 x 4

- Decal Sheet

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