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Kato N Scale E8A Via Rail


Kato N Scale E8A Via Rail

$87.98 $104.98

Carried on smooth-riding A-1-A Blomberg trucks, EMD’s E8 locomotives were built for speed, making them prime candidates for passenger service. Sharing the distinctive “bulldog nose” carbody style with their shorter F-unit counterparts and powered by dual 12-cylinder prime movers riding atop A-1-A Blomberg trucks, EMD’s E-units were both smooth riding as well as fast, making them exceptional at comfortably pulling long trains in passenger service. Acquired from the Canadian Pacific, VIA #1800 and #1802 were the only E units ever to be purchased new by a Canadian railroad.

Single Headlight, Non-Dynamic Brakes, Straight Pilot, Steam Generator - designed to accompany Kato's 2014 release of VIA Smoothside passenger car sets

This locomotive is DCC friendly and can be upgraded with a drop in TCS K0D8 decoder.

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