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ITA-501 Italeri 1/720 HMS Hood


ITA-501 Italeri 1/720 HMS Hood


Constructed in 1915 as a counterweight to the German battle cruisers of the Mackensen – type, the British cruisers did not prove too successful in the Battle at Skagerrak (three of them were sunk!). Therefore, decisive alterations of the original construction were made, especially with regard to better armour. The first ship of this improved version, the Hood, was launched in 1918 and went into service in 1920, forming part of the Home Fleet until 1941. In 1935 she collided with the Renown and was repaired in Portsmouth. Afterwards she was stationed with the Mediterranean Fleet until the beginning of World War II when she was ordered off to the Home Fleet again. In 1939 she was slightly damaged when engaged in chasing the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau in the North Sea. In the following year she escorted the convoys of Australian and New Zealand troops. When the Hood had executed this task, she was dispatched to the Force H at Gibraltar where she took part in subduing the French Fleet at Mers el Kebir. In Mai 1941 the Hood sank south from Greenland due to an explosion in her ammunition depot during combat with the Bismarck.

Technical data:  Year 1931 – 1933. Size. Length: m. 262,2; Width: 31.7; Drought: m. 8.7; Loader weight: 48.360 tonn.; Propulsion: N. 4 Brown – Curtis turbines on N. 4 propellers, 24 Yarrow boilers; Capacity: 151,280 wHP; Speed: 31.9 Ks; Armament: N. 8 guns mm. 381, cal. 42; N. 12 guns mm. 140, cal. 50; N. 4 guns (anti – aircraft) mm. 102; N. 4 guns lbs. 3; N. 16 guns (anti – aircraft) mm. 40; N. 6 torpedo tubes mm. 533 (two submerged and four surfage); Crew: N. 1.447 Men.

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