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HMCS Assiniboine - River Class Destroyer

 His Majesty's Canadian Ship Assiniboine - River Class Destroyer

Specifications Vessel / Model
Length: 329' / 41"
Beam: 33' / 4.12"
Draught: 10.5" / 1.25"
Speed: 12 KTS / N/A
Armament: 4-4.7" guns, 1-3" H/A, 4-21" Torpedo Tubes, Depth Charge Racks and Throwers  / N/A

This drawing is offered on three sheets at 1/96 scale (1/8" = 1'). General Arrangement profile, plan and both scale and working model hull lines are included.

General History
Commissioned in 1932 as the "C" class flotilla leader Kempenfelt, Assiniboine was transferred to the RCN in October 1939, adopting her new name at that time. During WW2 she was involved chiefly in convoy escort duties, in the course of which she rammed and sank U-210 after a prolonged surface action.
Other duties included participating1 in the hunt for the Bismarck, and a period with "Force H" during which she escorted HMS Prince of Wales to Placentia Bay for the historic meeting between Churchill and Roosevelt. Decommissioned in July 1945 as a result of a boiler room fire, Assiniboine went ashore on Prince Edward island while under tow to the breakers. Her remains are visible to this day.