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HMCS Annapolis - Helicopter Carrying Anti-Submarine Destroyer

 Her Majesty's Canadian Ship Annapolis - Helicopter Carrying Anti-Submarine Destroyer

Specifications: Vessel/Model
Length: 366' / 45.8"
Beam: 42' / 5.3"
Draught: 13.5' / 1.7"
Speed: 28 KTS / N/A
Armament: 2-3" 50 A.A, 1 Limbo A/S, Mortar, 2 sets Mk 32 Torpedo Tubes, 1 Sea King A/S Helicopter / N/A

This drawing is offered on two sheets at 1/96 scale (1/8"=1ft). General arrangement profile, plan and two sets of hull lines, for a static or operating model are included.

General History
HMCS Annapolis was commissioned in 1964 as the latest in a line of steam driven destroyers designed specifically for anti-submarine operations. She and her sister, Nipigon, carry one Sea King all weather helicopter as their primary anti-submarine weapon system. Both vessels have recently undergone modernizations aimed at extending their useful lives to the end of the century.