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Fairmile B Subchaser

 His Majesty's Canadian Motor Launch Q-061 - Fairmile "B" Subchaser

Specifications Vessel / Model
Length: 112' / 56"
Beam: 18.5' / 9.25"
Draught: 6' / 3"
Speed: 20 KTS / N/A
Armament: 3x20 MM Oerlikon Guns, 20 Depth Charges / N/A

This drawing is offered on three sheets at 1/24 scale (1/2" = 1'). General arrangement profile, plan and two sets of hull lines are included with miscellaneous details.

General History
These gasoline engine driven craft were designed by Fairmile Marine Ltd. of England in 1935 and were used by almost every Commonwealth navy during WW2. Eighty Fairmile "B"'s were built in Canada during the period of hostilities, mostly by yacht building firms on both coasts and on the Great Lakes.
Excellent sea boats, they patrolled coastal waters and the Gulf of St. Lawrence on regular anti-submarine patrols, and also engaged in harbour defense and other less glamorous duties. They ranged as far as Bermuda, Q-061 traveling there as a part of the 72nd Flotilla from time to time.
At 1/24th scale, this can be a large, powerful model with adequate flotation for large batteries, affording extended running time, multi-function operation and good rough water capability. The plans are detailed enough to produce a museum quality model and this type of vessel lends itself well to plank on frame construction. Picture courtesy of Haze Gray & Underway.