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We ship items from the store via Canada Post by default. At checkout, the rates are estimated by compiling the weights of the items in the shopping cart and giving a total. We will charge ACTUAL cost. If we charge too much it will be refunded, and if we undercharge by 10% or more we will request the difference. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship dangerous goods : spray cans, thinners, model rocket engines and other flammable or explosive articles BY LAW via Canada Post. In the case of shipping items of that nature we must use CANPAR. When ordering please insure...

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Model rocketry is an exciting low-medium cost hobby that has been enjoyed for over 60 years! The Hobby Centre over its 30 year history has been involved in public and group rocket displays and supplied various Scouting and Cadet groups with bulk rockets. There seems to be a declining awareness of the hobby and the rules for conducting it. Here is a site that contains the rules for the operation of model rockets in Canada. Click HERE. As you can see, it is mostly about using common sense and being responsible. We carry ESTES brand rockets. Used as instructed, these...

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Litehawk Radio Control now in stock at The Hobby Centre

We are slowly entering the world of Radio Control hobbies. With the closure of Fred Z's Dynamic Hobbies, we realized there is no one in West Ottawa that carries radio controlled items. As it has been many years since we carried items of this nature, we elected to start with LITEHAWK products. Why? They are distributed to us from Toronto, so orders can be received quickly. LITEHAWK is a low to mid-range price line, with a lot of nice features AND spare parts for those inevitable breaks. Many radio controlled products in this price range are "break it and toss...

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We Buy Hobbies Too!

Think of us as the "hobby recyclers". Do you have, or have you acquired, a bunch of plastic models, wooden kits, model railroad items, related books and publications? We purchase these kinds of things all the time. Our customers love that we can offer "gently used" items of older vintage and usually less expensive than current offerings. Email us (hobcen@rogers.com) or drop by and discuss what we can do together.

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